Why You Should Sign Your Child Up for a Kindermusik Camp this Summer

Young children are very curious about the world around them, eager to explore and make discoveries. This natural curiosity is an important component in the development of creative thought.

Kindermusik Adventures Summer Camps draw on your child’s natural curiosity and nurture it to support his creative potential. Using an integrated approach with music, movement, storytelling, and (for the upper ages) pretend play, drama, and art, Adventures stimulates imagination, spontaneity, inquiry, and a love of music for your child.

Each Adventures lesson creates an informal, playful environment that encourages children to contribute their original ideas, to experience new music activities, to discover and explore new information, to work cooperatively with others, and to keep their spontaneous music play and sense of wonder alive.

Adventures is all about nurturing creative thought and the creative potential that exists in every young child.

“Absolutely fabulous! The teacher outdid herself—jam-packed classes perfectly organized. Materials are great—even my older children at home (9 & 12 yrs) loved joining in to play and listening to the Home CD.” ~Tamara Perez, July’08

The content of Adventures is integrated in activities that delight and interest your child even as they touch every aspect of his/her development—social, emotional, physical, cognitive, musical, and language. Here are just a few examples of the developmental benefits experienced in an Adventures class.


  • Children practice sharing and cooperation during instrument exploration activities.
  • Singing games give children the opportunity to learn social patterns, interact with others in a positive way, and learn to communicate more effectively with others.


  • The ritual of singing the Welcome and Goodbye songs at the beginning and end of each class provides children with predictable structures and contributes to their emotional development.
  • Interaction with other children in a positive environment helps children develop emotional intelligence—the recognition and management of unique feelings, developing empathy, and the handling of relationships with others.


  • Opportunity to develop body control during movement activities. For example, during free dances, young children practice balance while walking and experiment with new movements.
  • Older children have the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills in art activities.


  • Learning to solve problems constructively.
  • Development of listening skills that focus attention.
  • Invitations to be expressive, increasing creativity.


  • Expanded listening repertoire to include music of many styles from around the world.
  • Opportunity to explore and play different instruments—freely and to a song or beat.
  • Children experience the basic elements of music including tempo, dynamics, tone color, melody, and harmony.


  • Through story time, children learn to value and enjoy reading.
  • They experience enhanced language and speech skills through songs, chants, and rhymes.

Kindermusik Adventures is about doing, and it will actively engage your child in a variety of hands-on activities and bring pleasure and a sense of accomplishment while encouraging your child to discover and develop different mediums for self expression. Register today for this journey into creativity and learning.

Registration opens to the general public April 1st. Please note that we only offer about a 1/3 of our regular school-year class schedule in the summer months, so spaces fill very quickly and are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click here for more information about our Summer 2012 offerings or to register for a camp.

Take your pick…

  • 5 weeks in a row through June, 5 mornings in a row in July, or choose one or several one-time Playdate Camps in August.
  • Morning, evening and Saturday sessions available for many programs.
  • 5-week option for ALL-AGES  fun or choose a one-time PLAYDATE CAMP.
  • 5-week option for SIGN&SING classes at both locations.
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