Welcome to Kindermusik!

We’re thrilled that you are enrolled in our Kindermusik program here at Kindermusik of Cambridge/KW.

Your class is led by a Licensed Kindermusik Educator who has all sorts of wonderful things to share with you as you enjoy this precious time with your child and help inspire a lifelong love for and interest in music. Think of your Educator as your guide, because you are your child’s best and favourite teacher!  And remember that the more you put into Kindermusik, both in class and at home, the more that you and your child will get out of it.

Following is some information about your child’s program that will help you get the most out of your experience here with us…

Every child needs three things from a parent — engagement, engagement and engagement.  – Ron Taffel, in Childhood Unbound


We will begin each Village class (0 to 1.5 yrs) with Gathering Time, which is you and your baby’s time to come together, acclimate to the environment, share ideas with and get to know the other caregivers, and explore instruments. During class, please feel free to adapt the activities to meet your child’s needs. We will be giving you lots of ideas and suggestions along the way! Children this age love and learn from repetition, so we will repeat some of our activities for several weeks and hope that you repeat them at home too! Materials will be sent home every eight classes and do not need to be brought back to class. If your baby is not yet crawling, you may choose to bring a blanket for him/her to sit on.


Our Time classes (1.5 to 3 yrs) spark your child’s curiosity, enhance his love of music and learning, and help you bond and play with your child.   Plan to arrive about 5 – 10 minutes early to settle in, enjoy exploring some instruments and books before class, and be ready for class to begin. Our best advice is to enjoy this memorable time as you enter your child’s world of wonder, interacting with him/her in class and at home. Listen to the CDs often and do the fun activities suggested in your Family Activity Guide – they greatly enhance your classroom experience. At Home Materials will be sent home twice this year and do not need to be brought back to class.


For some children, being in their Imagine That! class (3 to 5 yrs) without a parent is a new experience.  You can prepare them to expect to come to class by themselves.  Let them know that you’ll be just outside waiting for them and will see them at the end of the class for Sharing Time. But be advised that your return can be so very exciting. Often, this manifests itself as either extreme excitement or withdrawal. Please know that this is normal and expected. If your child resists your leaving at the start of class, feel free to sit in the back and participate, then gently and gradually withdraw.

During Sharing Time each week (the last 15 min of class), we will present the weekly family activity, talk about what we’ve learned, and enjoy an activity or two together with parents and siblings.  At Home Materials will be sent home twice during the school year. The Family Activity Guide will outline which materials may need to be brought back to class.  You will also want to have your child bring his backpack to class each week.


In Kindermusik for the Young Child (5 to 7 yrs), we’ll be filling our time together each week with activities that teach your child note reading, rhythms, instrument families, composers, dances, games, and more. The first 50 minutes of each class will be spent with the educator, and the last 10 minutes will be a Sharing Time with grown-ups and siblings. These few minutes at the end of class are an important time for your child to share what we learned in class and to go over the assignments for the week. Because the Young Child curriculum continually builds upon itself, At Home activities are especially crucial to the learning experience. We encourage you to make time in your busy schedule to complete these short activities on your Music at Home cards and bring any necessary items back to class the following week.

Please plan to have your child bring his/her purple bag, folder, and games bag to class each week.


Welcome to our all-ages class, Family Time! We’re so excited to welcome you into this fun environment that features all-new themes!  We’ll be singing, dancing, listening, playing, and more – all while presenting developmental benefits and adaptations for all ages. Please review the material above for each of your children’s ages. You’ll receive amazing and interactive all-digital materials after every fourth class that encourage reading together, moving together, playing together, and more!



A few last things…

Tuition has been divided into equal payments and will be charged the 5th of each month from your first month until May). If you are paying by post-dated cheques, we require a cheque for each month be submitted at the time of your registration. Though the payments occur monthly, they do not reflect a certain number of classes per month.  Holidays have been prorated into the total fees. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Makeup classes can be scheduled by filling out a makeup class request on our website or by calling our office administrator, Rhonda at 519-622-5702. To preserve a positive learning experience for our families, we limit the number of visiting/making up families to two per class.

Enrollment BONUS!! Don’t forget to enter your code (look for the card in your Home Materials) at play.Kindermusik.com for free music and activity downloads.  With your unique code, you can download all of your Home CDs for free from this site, plus get some great activity ideas specific to our new themes – a huge benefit of your enrollment!

Tell a friend – you get $10 off and your friend gets a download card for 10 free songs!  For every new-to-Kindermusik friend you refer who registers, we’ll apply a $10 “Thank You” credit to your account and give them 10 free songs as a “Welcome”!

Our weekly emails are our way of helping you extend your classroom experience throughout the week at home, helping you make the very most of your enrollment. They will come from your child’s teacher so please be sure to add her to your address book.

Should you need to change your class time or withdraw from the program, all we ask is that you submit your request in written form before the 1st of the month.

We know you have many choices when it comes to your child’s activities.
Thank you for choosing Kindermusik!


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