Tips For Ensuring a Positive Kindermusik Experience

  • Be on time for class. The Hello Song ritual aids in your child’s emotional development and sense of self.
  • While in class with your child, fully focus your attention on him or her. Kindermusik provides such a great opportunity for bonding.
  • Make time to share music at home with your child. The Kindermusik home materials allow you to do so.
  • What happens between classes musically is more important than what your child does or does not do in class.
  • A child needs to feel safe and secure in an environment before s/he will try something new.
  • Be careful not to compare your child to another. They all respond in their own special way.
  • Be sure to praise all your child’s efforts.
  • Allow your child time to respond to the teacher’s instruction without repeating the instruction yourself.
  • Try dancing without talking. It’s more beneficial for your child to focus completely on the feel of the movement and the magic of the music.
  • Look for the little signs that your child is engaged in an activity, including eye contact, body posture and a musical response in his/her movements.
  • Sing, echo, dance and move enthusiastically to be an engaging model for your child.
  • Follow your child. Meet him/her where s/he’s at developmentally to get the most from the activities. Don’t feel you have to do everything like everyone else. If your child needs to learn on the move (which is typical for young toddlers), move with him/her!
  • Should your child become disruptive, kindly remove him/her for a brief time-out. Hold your child in your arms and stand so s/he can see what they are missing through the viewing window. Once they are calm, give them a simple choice…”Do you want to stay out here and be sad or are you ready to join your friends and have fun?”
  • If you ever have a concern, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with your child’s teacher. Optimal learning occurs when there is a triangular relationship between child, teacher and parent.
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