There’s an App for that…..

Kindermusik Radio has arrived, and we have an app for that! The Kindermusik Radio app offers a parent-child activity for every song, and each activity is designed to engage and entertain young listeners as well as stimulate early childhood development.

Research shows that music helps children become better learners. Toddlers love to dance, swing and sing as they develop their motor and aural skills. Preschoolers strengthen neural pathways by making up songs and rhymes as their imaginations run wild. With 5 stations to choose from, the Kindermusik app will give you access to over 100 tracks, the very finest and authentic reproductions of classic children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and stories as well as Kindermusik originals.

The Kindermusik Radio App is available for iPhones and iPad Touches for $1.99 in the iTunes store. Try out our App Today! You’ll be glad you did. Get ready to sing, play, listen, move, dance ANYWHERE!

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