Take a tour of our Cambridge Studio!

Our Cambridge studio is located at 2-180 Sheldon Drive. It is a specially-designed facility that provides the most beneficial environment for learning. Come on in!

As you enter the studio, on your left is our playful cloak area, with hooks for grown-ups and children to hang their belongings. Our studio has a “no shoes policy” in effect. This serves to help protect the carpets and keep them clean. Going barefoot is also great for learning! Our brains are stimulated as we receive a great deal of input from the myriad of nerve endings found in the soles of our feet.

This is our waiting room and play area, which features a delightful sunflower theme. Our admin office is just through the green door, where you will meet Rhonda Cameron, our administrator.

Rhonda developed a system of Family Folders to communiciate important news and information to our families. The children love to see if they have “mail” each week!

Under the table, you will find a box, where you can deposit your used printer-cartridges and cellphones. This is a special program we’ve established in partnership with Greentec Int’l, which recycles the items and contributes to our Joshua Walker Fund for Children with Special Needs.

There are lots of books, magazines, and information on community programs. For the kids, age-appropriate toys make waiting for class to begin or waiting for siblings a breeze! Many parents have commented on the warm “club-like” atmosphere of our studio.

We have three spacious classrooms, well-equipped with high-quality, developmentally-appropriate instruments, as well as CD sound systems, super-spongy flooring, and one-way viewing windows — for that fly-on-the-wall perspective of your child in class!

The wall between two of our classrooms can be removed for summer camps, professional development seminars and other functions.

Somehow, these photos just don’t look right without children in them…
Now, that’s more like it!

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