The Benefits of Kindermusik for a Child with Special Needs

  • Small group classes, therefore lots of individual attention
  • Child experiences the beauty and joy of music making with his/her peers
  • Aids physical development through a systematic, step-by-step, balanced blend of movement activities for refining fine and gross motor skills
  • Aids sensory development and perception by stimulating multiple senses (listening, seeing, touching)
  • Aids emotional development by learning to express and convey feelings using parts of the body or the whole body
  • Aids social development by fostering confidence and self-assurance in small groups
  • Develops and provides an outlet for imagination and creativity
  • Participation is at a pace that is appropriate for each child—in his or her own way and own time
  • Family participation in class and at home allows the family to grow musically together
  • Kindermusik at home digital materials and activities supplement speech or occupational therapy services
  • It’s fun! – time away from stressful treatments and therapy.

I have had many OT clients who weren’t learning to talk with just speech therapy or developmental services, but did learn to speak after attending Kindermusik classes.”

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Every child is welcome in a Kindermusik classroom.

It’s about process, not performance. We encourage exploration without expectation, so children can have fun and participate where they are. We celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how big or small.

Therapists often recommend our programs to families whose children experience physical, emotional, cognitive, or social challenges. Children with special needs are welcomed into all Kindermusik classes, from Foundations through Level 5.

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