We understand that life happens and sometimes your best laid plans have to be interrupted or changed. To that end, here is our withdrawal policy and a form for you to submit should you need to take a break. Please keep coming to class until the end of your final month and if you need to make up any missed classes, remember to get them in before that date. Here’s a form to help you book them.

Withdrawal Policy: If your enrollment must be cancelled, any fees paid are non-refundable and a withdrawal form must be received by the office prior to the 1st day of your last month. The materials are yours to keep and enjoy. For any classes you are unable to attend, there is no cash value and they cannot be transferred to the enrollment of a sibling. You may, however, make them up prior to the end of your enrollment and you have until the end of your last month to do so. Should you decide to withdraw for a period of time, your space cannot be held. There will be no refunds given.

Please be advised that we need the completed Withdrawal Request Form, below, on file prior to the 1st day of your last month in order for your request to be processed. You will be contacted via email by our administrator to confirm this change. Note that it does not take effect until you have received confirmation from the administrator.

Withdrawal Request

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