NEW! Where Are They Now? Jesse Parent

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It continues to amaze me the good people I meet who are graduates of the Kindermusik Program! Once the small children running, laughing, singing, and learning in the rooms of Kindermusik.

I would like to introduce you to Jesse Parent of  Jesse Parent Music.

I’ve known Jesse for a few years as a fellow musician and active member of the community outreach program Cambridge Live Music Guitars for Kids .  Jesse is one of the good guys in music and our community and genuinely cares about others.  He is an accomplished singer/songwriter making a living as a full time musician in Southwestern Ontario.  Jesse occasionally tours outside of Ontario and is about to record new music in April in St Jacobs:  Jesse Parent Live Concert Recording

Recently, as we were talking, Jesse was telling me he still has a few of his Kindermusik Young Child Program instruments from  Kindermusik of Cambridge and fond memories of the classes and how it influenced music and his life today.

As I have said to many of our families, part of the reason I believe so strongly in Kindermusik is not just music but learning, well being, helping others, and bridging communities.

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