My son never sits through anything…until now!

Testimonial from Jennifer B.

On a personal note, I wanted to share with you what my feedback was about the class.  My son hasn’t really loved anything music or group singing in general lately.  He likes singing at home with me but if we ever try to have a circle time at a program he gets upset.  My husband was there today and I expected the two of them would have to walk around the venue during the circle time.  But guess what?  My son sat through the whole thing and LOVED it!  Julia was such a natural and very engaging with the children!  He was hanging off every last word she spoke and sang 🙂  He even tried to join in some of the songs- even the ones he didn’t know! This really speaks volumes to the talent of your staff! I was very impressed and I will personally consider signing him up because we all had such a great time.

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