4 to 5s
45-minute weekly classes, enroll anytime
Parent or caregiver participates in Sharing Time—last 10-15 minutes of each class
$65/month + HST
Your enrollment includes a new set of digital home materials every 4 weeks

From the moment you became a parent, you wanted the best for your child. In class, we engage your child in music and movement activities that also promote language, social and emotional skills, early math and early literacy, physical coordination, creativity, and more. Plus, your child will learn basic music vocabulary and notation—all setting the stage for future school success and formal music lessons. Parents join the fun for the final activities. The Kindermusik@Home digital materials extend the benefits all week long with music from class, activities for the whole family, and each month’s story.

For a long time, I knew about Kindermusik, but kept putting it off. Finally, I enrolled my twins last session. Now, I really wish I had done so sooner. My kids have been using their imaginations so much more; they are doing amazing things and growing in leaps and bounds since starting Kindermusik! We are in the process of moving right now and even though things are tight I told my husband that we have to find money to enroll the kids in the next session because you can see how much it is benefiting them. Finding money for Kindermusik is like finding money for groceries. It’s that important to me.


– Vanessa, mother of Brennan and Tayla
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