Director of Kindermusik of Cambridge and Queen Street Music 


Richard is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, performer, and music instructor.  In other lives, he spent years working in sales and administration.  Richard also developed his “Dad” skills sharing many great experiences with his wife, Valerie, and children.  Participation and giving back to the community have been the cornerstones of developing Queen Street Music, and now Kindermusik Cambridge programs in the community.

Although an introvert, Richard loves performing.  “Music and sports in my life have helped in developing skills and confidence”


Our Teachers


winnifred-150x150Winnifred received her Kindermusik training in the fall of 2002 after 20 years of working in the manufacturing industry in customer service, training and documentation. Her expressive and graceful manner comes from many years as a dance teacher, choreographer and director at a dance school. She competed in professional dance competitions and trained students for amateur competitions; in many cases placing very well. During this time, Winnifred was honoured to receive the “Top Teacher” Ontario Region Award.

Always interested in the arts and drawn to music, Kindermusik has allowed Mrs. “Y-K”, as she is known to her students, to pursue a life-long dream and satisfy her love of children and teaching. She discovered Kindermusik after reading an article in the newspaper about the Village with Seniors program and immediately registered her daughter, Serina, for classes. Serina, adopted from China early in 2002, helped Winnifred to realize she had a deep desire to make a difference in children’s lives and feels Kindermusik enables that to happen.




Along with being a private music instructor, Amy is now a licensed Kindermusik Educator!

She began studying Royal Conservatory of Music piano when she was 13 years old. In high school she started on her favourite instrument, the saxophone. Amy was selected in October of that year to play in the Wilfrid Laurier Honour Band, an honour only grade 13 students were selected for. Throughout high school she learned to play almost every instrument in the band to fill in when parts were missing including bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, clarinet and baritone. Amy is still learning new instruments and now enjoys the violin, guitar and ukulele.

Amy is passionate about working with children and this led her to train as a Kindermusik instructor, where she can open up the world of music to young children and let them experience the wonder of music as she did as a child.




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