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Kindermusik’s top programs making the switch

Studies show that sustained enrolment is simply better for a child. That’s why more programs and parents are choosing to stay in activities for the long haul. We’re beginning to see this trend in lots of extra-curricular activities, such as cheer leading, swimming, skating, dance, hockey, drama, and more. And, Kindermusik’s top programs around the world are beginning to implement this concept of a school-year registration for the benefit of their families.

Here, at Kindermusik of Cambridge/KW, we have always offered the option of registering for more than one semester at a time, but we’ve seen a significant increase in the last two years of parents choosing to take advantage of it. Interestingly, those who register for the whole school year tend to do so year after year. Why? …Why not? “If you’re planning to register for both fall and spring anyway, why not get it all done now and know your child’s not going to lose their favourite teacher and get bumped out of their spot in January by someone who reserved it last May,” says long-time Kindermusik parent, Andrea Ireland. “Plus, I get to break it into monthly payments, and I don’t have to worry about it again all year.”

Following are the most common reservations we’ve been hearing, but none of these should prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity to guarantee your child’s space.

Reservation #1: September seems so far away. How can I possibly register now?
The good news is that all we need from you at this point is really more of a “reservation”. Your first monthly payment is not due until Sept 5. So, click here to view our schedule and reserve a space in the class of your choice while it’s still available. You can always change your mind and choose a different time in the months before we start the school-year or cancel your reservation if life needs to take you in another direction.

Reservation #2: What if my child needs to move up to the next level halfway through the year?
No problem… Let’s say your child will be 2-1/2 by September. That means that by January, he may be ready to move up to the next level of Kindermusik. All you have to do is choose your Our Time space for the Fall and in November, we will provide you with an opportunity to pick your space in an Imagine That class of your choosing for your child to transfer to in January. The same will happen if your child needs to move from Village to Our Time.

Reservation #3: What if, for some reason, we can’t continue for the whole school year?
Again, no problem… If for any reason you need to withdraw from class, you may do so without penalty at any time. Just let us know in writing (email works great) by the first of the month. However, it is important to note that we cannot hold your space once you have withdrawn, so if you’re going on an extended vacation, you are better to keep your space and take advantage of our new unlimited makeup classes starting in September, which you are entitled to for as long as you are enrolled.

Let’s face it, most of you enroll on a continual basis anyway. And the enrolment process takes up valuable administrative, not to mention class time that we’d rather spend playing and making music with you! For this reason, starting with the 2012-2013 school year, we will be going exclusively to September to May enrolment. You only have to register once, and then you are done!

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