Kindermusik Int’l Conducting Worldwide Parent Survey!

Kindermusik Int’l is undertaking a survey of Kindermusik parents around the world. We would greatly appreciate your participation in completing the survey as it will tell us a great deal about how we are doing as a studio, and also as individual educators.

The survey will be sent directly to all Kindermusik parents and will consist of 3 short questions that should take only a moment or two to complete. This data will provide every Kindermusik studio with a benchmark allowing us to see our progress and how our parents’ experience compares to others worldwide. Should you receive the survey more than once, that would be because you have a child or children enrolled in more than one curriculum. Kindly complete the survey in relation to each educator that teaches a child in your family.

We value and protect your privacy. Kindermusik Int’l will use your email address solely for the purpose of this very important survey, and nothing else.

Thank you for your cooperation and your continued support of our program.

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