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Kindermusik makes a real difference in the lives of young children, newborn to 7 years, and their families. We use music and play to develop all facets of the child’s development. Families bond through musical play and parents learn how music has the power to make great parenting easier. We’ve been serving families in Waterloo Region for 29 years. Our earliest graduates are now parents bringing their own children to our classes and we’re excited for your family to discover the magic of Kindermusik too.

Guarantee – We’re so sure your child will thrive in Kindermusik, we’ll give you one free month if you haven’t noticed a difference in 3 months!

Play As You Learn


fosters the development of your child’s most important instrument, the voice, through vocal exploration, songs, and chants.


develops body awareness, coordination, and spatial relationships through synchronized movement, creative movement, and simple dances.


introduces a variety of musical timbres with percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingle bells, drums, resonator bars, and simple instruments your child creates at home.


stimulates your child’s imagination and encourages new exploration with sound and movement.


boosts your child’s ability to think musically through the integration of basic rhythmic and tonal language.


cultivates your child’s heightened attentiveness to sound discrimination.


timbre, dynamics, tempo, and pitch lays the foundation for conceptualization of the elements of music.


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