Got the JK Jitters?

If your child is starting Junior Kindergarten this fall, you’re likely suffering from an annoying malady we like to call, “The JK Jitters”.

Anxiously awaiting the school calendar to come out? Wondering what days/times your child will be attending school? Wanting to schedule their extra-curricular activities and worrying that everything’s going to fill up? Or maybe you’re concerned that starting JK will be overwhelming for your child so you’ve decided to hold back on all extra activities for the fall to give them time to adjust.

Any of that sounding familiar? Yeah, we know. We’ve been there, too.

Last week, I was talking to a mom in one of my classes. She’s definitely showing all the signs of the dreaded jitters. Her most bothersome symptom being the feeling that her daughter is going to be totally overwhelmed so she’s decided to pull her out of everything… even Kindermusik, which she’s been coming to since she was an infant! That in itself is adding to this mom’s stress.

After years of experience, including those with my own children, I can attest to the fact that if Kindermusik is an activity to which your child has become accustomed, keeping her in it will provide a sense of stability and emotional balance in any time of transition.

The Education Act and Music

As you consider registration for the Fall Semester of Kindermusik, we would like you to be aware of the following:
The Ontario Education Act states that “A child is excused from attendance at school if he/she is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one half day in any week.” They are not to be marked absent on the attendance list at school.

Creating a balance

Perhaps the answer for your child is a daytime Kindermusik class, as opposed to an evening one. We wanted to make you aware that this is a viable and accepted option. Should you wish to discuss your child’s needs for the Fall concerning Kindermusik, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher, or the office.

If a weekly class is still feeling like too much while your child adjusts to JK, our newest program, ABC Music & Me may be just the answer you’re looking for!
As you know, most schools are on the Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, and alternate Fridays schedule for JK and SK’s. When you get your child’s schedule for the Fall, you will see which combination of days they have been assigned and which Fridays they will attend, based on a designation of “red” or “blue”, such as this example…

Here’s how ABC works with your child’s school schedule

Our ABC Music & Me classes will be held each Friday and your child attends on the Fridays he or she is not in school. There are only 4 lessons per unit and we will be running one unit during each school term. This way, they can keep coming to Kindermusik during this transitional time, but they are only enrolled for the Fridays they are not at school. Looking at the above example, if your child has been assigned the “blue schedule”, they would come to Kindermusik on the following dates: October 1 and 22, November 19 and December 3. Notice we’re starting this program a little later than our others, so your child has a month to adjust to school.
When I told the mom all about ABC Music & Me, she was delighted and her JK Jitters disappeared like magic!

ABC Music & Me is only $65 including materials for a 4-week unit. Register for all three units during the 2011-2012 school year and pay only $20/month (9 payments, Sept to April)–a savings of $15. Dates of classes will be assigned once the school board calendars have been released. Spaces are very limited, so reserve your child’s today!

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