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Meet the McIntyre Family

Our family began our K-W Kindermusik journey more than 6 years ago when our first child was born and we have been there ever since.  All three of our kids have thoroughly enjoyed their experience, as have my husband and I. Like with most families, our children have distinctly different personalities and learning styles, yet they have each developed a strong musical sense and a deep respect for their music teachers.

What consistently impresses us is the kind, nurturing learning environment in which the children are invited to open up and be themselves. The Kindermusik program is undeniably well crafted and the music teachers are well educated, both in music and in the Kindermusik curriculum. The teachers are also able to adapt each class to suit the personalities and needs of the specific children, while at the same time they are instilling a deep understanding and appreciation of music in each student.

We are very pleased with the skills that both our 5 and 6 year old have developed; they are reading music and playing multiple instruments with confidence and ease and they have a desire to learn more about music. During class the music teacher guides the students using play, repetition, movement and expression, while also developing respect, self-discipline and confidence in their students.

We often find our children playing “music class”, where they convert their playroom onto a setting similar to Kindermusik.  It is in this role-playing that I can see their fundamental knowledge as well as their leadership skills developing.  I will admit that when I am invited to play music class, I am only ever invited to be the student, because according to my kids I get to be the ‘teacher’ all of the time while being mom.  That’s a fair assessment, and I enjoy being their student, especially when they role-play as their present music teacher, Mrs. Murray!  They do a very accurate impression and their mannerisms as Mrs. Murray reflect how highly they think of her. Kindermusik has provided us with so much laughter and many opportunities to connect as a family at home.

Kindermusik has kept our kids smiling and focused at the same time, this is not always easy to do simultaneously!  Furthermore, our family is treated with kindness, our thoughts are always welcome and our children have learned so much.  Thank-you K-W Kindermusik for helping discover our budding musicians!

With gratitude,

The McIntyre family

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