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We started attending Kindermusik when my daughter, who is now seven, was just three weeks old. We were living in a big city where I didn’t know anyone, and it was the dead of winter. Being a new mom I was unsure of so many things and really wanted to talk with someone who was going through what I was going through, right at that time. I knew about Kindermusik from a family friend and thought this would be the perfect activity for myself and my newborn daughter. We joined and were immediately rewarded. Not only did my daughter get all the wonderful benefits of music, I got a social group who understood intimately, all of the new-mom things that were going on. Shortly after this we moved to Cambridge and we started going to the Cambridge Kindermusik studio, and have had the most amazing experience!!
My son was born a couple years later and he started Kindermusik when he was a couple months old. He was a bit fussier than my daughter, and we spent many late nights singing to him, the same few songs over and over again. There was one song that was sure to calm him and that song we had of course learned from Kindermusik, an old Appalachian folk song called “What Do We Do With The Baby-O”. Another favourite of both of our children is from a Kindermusik summer camp, call “Peekaboo, I love you”.
With two kids in Kindermusik we sometimes ran in to some logistical challenges with getting babysitters for one child while the other was in class. That was no problem as often both children came in to class, or one of the other teachers watched one of them while I went in for sharing time.
Speaking of the teachers, I don’t even know where to begin. We have had Mrs. Carbone and Mrs. Beretta for the majority of our classes and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are patient and kind, yet also firm when the need arises. There is a genuine interest in helping the children excel, and be the best that they can be. I can honestly say that they are the best teachers we’ve had, in any activity we’ve done.
My daughter completed Young Child 2 last spring and was so sad to be leaving Kindermusik. However, she wasn’t leaving music as the program developed her love and interest in music and she requested to continue learning music by playing the violin. Based on referrals from the Kindermusik studio, we found an excellent violin teacher who used to be a Kindermusik teacher herself. She was amazed with my daughter’s ability to read music and understand rhythm, and attributed it to her Kindermusik lessons.
While my daughter’s interest in music is much more obvious, my son is more understated in his musical interest. He is an independent, free-thinker and as such doesn’t always follow the class direction. His teachers are very patient and very good about including him in the group activities, yet still letting him explore at his own leisure. Every child is included, and every child has a chance to participate, with the teacher’s encouragement.
My son’s love of Kindermusik became quite evident to me last Fall when we had a minor crisis on our hands. Due to some scheduling challenges within our household, we weren’t able to find a day and time for my son to go to Kindermusik. I broke the news to my son gently and he was devastated. He wanted to go to Kindermusik so badly and implored me to find a way to make it work. So, with the assistance of Kindermusik’s amazing office manager – and some creative scheduling in our house! – we found a class that would work and my son was ecstatic. The best part is that my daughter gets to come with us for sharing time and is thrilled. She remembers the songs and the activities, and actively participates and gives her little brother direction on how to “do it properly”!
We see many of the same families over and over, from year to year, and not only the kids form friendships, but also the parents too. Most of all, I’m thrilled with the foundations they are developing in music, that they can build on after Kindermusik. Hands down, Kindermusik has been one of the best extra-curricular activity choices that we have made for our family, and would highly recommend it to anyone with kids.
Many thanks to Christine for sharing her wonderful story. If you would like to be a feature family, please contact me at or call 519-622-5702.
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