Congratulations to the winner of our Free Semester Contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered our free semester of Kindermusik contest by registering for Spring Semester by December 1st.

Our winner was 2-1/2 year old Jamie Hallman, who is registered in Mrs Murray’s Wed 10:30 Our Time class at our Kitchener location.

Pictured are Jamie, Carrie and Dylan

Jamie Hallman and his twin brother, Dylan, at two and a half years of age, are veterans of the Kindermusik program which they began as babes in arms. In this they followed in the footsteps of their
“big sister” Carrie who at the age of four and a half had already been a long-time student of the program. According to Jamie’s mom, “Participating in Kindermusik is a rich and rewarding experience for Jamie. Not only does he actively take part in the class activities, but with his siblings he also sings and listens to music at home. For Jamie, who is sometimes more quiet and introspective than his brother Dylan, Kindermusik provides the opportunity to respond directly to the music and to the activities guided by his teacher, Pat Murray. Jamie is Mrs. Murray’s most enthusiastic pupil and it is a true delight to see him blossom in this way. In fact, each of the three children, in his or her own way, has benefited greatly from the experiences gained at Kindermusik. It has truly been a transformative experience for each of them.”

We wish them many more wonderful years of making music together!

To ensure a space in the class of your choice, please be sure to register as soon as possible for the Spring Semester, which begins the 3rd week of January–just click here to login in to your account. Classes are filling up so don’t delay!

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