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Our school year runs between September and June and you may enrol anytime.  A common question we receive is  “Do I have to commit for the year?”  You are not under contract though we hope and expect you continue with us to the end of term if possible to most benefit  you and your child as well as ensuring class numbers to keep programs running.  For your convenience, most classes are only $65/mt plus HST which is split into equal monthly payments and is based on 36 lessons over the school year.   Should you enrol mid month or during a short month, ie. December, fees are prorated for the first month and rest of payments are equal.  Once enrolled, you will have access to online digital materials with developmental activities including music, lyrics, activities, and books.   Kindermusik is so much more than music in developing and benefiting your child’s heart, mind, body, and soul.

Families bond through musical play and parents learn how music has the power to make great parenting easier.

Explore, imagine, dance, sing, create, grow, love and learn.



Which program should I choose?

  1. Calculate your child’s age as of the start of classes. Then choose the program that fits their stage of development. With 3 classes for children ages newborn through three–0 to 1’s, 1 to 2’s, and 2 to 3’s–Kindermusik will meet the needs of your infant, crawler, walker, and busy toddler. 3 to 4 year olds will enjoy a class just right for their growing independence and vast imagination. Children in JK will delight i Move & Groove. Those 5 years and up will expand their imaginary play, vocabulary, ensemble, and music reading and writing skills in our traditional programs for big kids. Click the link, below, if you need more help deciding which ages to choose.
  2. Consider your goals for your child. IE. learning to walk, language development, musical development, bonding together, building independence, socialization, school-readiness.
  3. Choose the day/time that’s most convenient for you. This may be the most practical factor in your decision.
  4. If you have more than one child and bringing them to 2 different days and times is not practical, you will find a number of concurrent options in our schedule. If none are available, ask us about bringing your children to the same class, if they are close in age, as a Family Class option.

Which Kindermusik Class is Right For My Child?

Take the Music & Learning Home

Exclusive to Kindermusik, @Home Digital Materials provide easy access to everything you need to continue the fun and learning of your weekly Kindermusik class at home. Materials include songs, video clips, developmental information, suggestions for activity extensions, and more.

Introducing Digital Home Materials


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