Your Kindermusik Home Materials

One of the things I love most about Kindermusik is that it is much more than a weekly class. That’s one of the reasons why it’s such a great value. For example, your At Home materials are just the tools you need to continue that one-of-a-kind Kindermusik experience together as a family throughout the week.

Everything in Kindermusik’s At Home Materials has a learning purpose for your child. That’s because more than 25 years of early childhood development research applies to every instrument, CD, book, activity, song, and game.

Kindermusik believes that YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher. We also know that children learn best through repetition, and that often they learn best where they’re most comfortable – at home. Your At Home Materials empower you to take Kindermusik from class to home where the games, songs, dances, books, and quiet times make it easy for you to infuse music, joy, learning, and togetherness into your daily routine.

Here are some ways to use your Home Materials to their fullest:
~Keep the Home CDs in the car and play them while you’re out and about. Follow the instructions on the small card that came with your Home Materials to download your Home CDs and extra activities for FREE!
~Store the rest of the components in a special bag or container at home. Pull them out whenever you have a few minutes for music or an impromptu concert — after breakfast, while you’re fixing dinner, just before bed, etc.
~Use the Home Materials to learn the songs and activities for yourself. You’ll be able to be more interactive in class, plus you’ll have a whole new repertoire of inspiration for music-making no matter where you are.
~Read the weekly emails from your teacher for ideas for the suggested activity for that particular week.

Kindermusik is not about developing little Mozarts. It’s about developing life-enhancing skills in the whole child – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language, and musical. And it’s also about giving you the time, the tools, and the inspiration to create the treasured, musical moments you can linger in for a lifetime.

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