Benefits of Early Music Education

By Beth Anspach, MT

If you’ve been involved in Kindermusik currently or in the past, you have probably already seen evidence of the benefits of this type of class for children. We’ve always known that Kindermusik has benefits that supersede simply the FUN of the class (although I hope you’re having fun) but now there’s concrete research that what we’ve felt all along can be proven. To read the actual research, click here.

Research done by Nina Kraus at Northwestern University’s Auditory Neuroscience Lab provides a fascinating look into why musical training (specifically a class like Kindermusik which involves the parent and includes materials for at home extensions of in class activities) as a child will actually enhance your child’s language skills. And you don’t have to become a professional musician to benefit!

As a fellow parent I know most of us aren’t trying to make our kids into Musical Mozarts, geniuses and the like. BUT we do want to give them the best start we can. Here’s what we know about brain development:

  • The brain responds to the environment.
  • Activities like those experienced in Kindermusik help create learning pathways in the brain towards every area of development, physical, social/emotional, musical, language and cognitive.
  • Through early involvement in music, we are preparing these young brains with pathways that will set them up for success in all they want to accomplish in the future.

Many thanks goes to Debby Pool, Vice President of Product Development at Kindermusik International, Evanston, Illinois for all the work she’s done to get this information out to all of us!

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