Balancing the New Full-Day Kindergarten & Kindermusik

Ontario school boards announce full-day Kindergarten by 2010
As you begin planning activities for your children for next fall, you may or may not be aware that the Boards of Education are phasing in full time JK and SK beginning next fall. Presently, half days are being offered in some boards and others are full days every other day.

How will this affect my child?
Here, at Kindermusik, we are concerned that this schedule will exhaust and overwhelm children. As parents, you might feel the answer may be to pull your child from his/her extra-curricular activities. However, the activities to which a child has become accustomed, and the activities a child loves can provide a sense of stability and emotional balance in a time of transition.

The Education Act and Music
As you consider registration for the Fall Semester of Kindermusik, we would like you to be aware of the following: The Ontario Education Act states that “A child is excused from attendance at school if he/she is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one half day in any week.” They are not to be marked absent on the attendance list at school.

Is Kindergarten mandatory?
Further, did you know that it is not mandatory for children to be enrolled in school until grade 1? Obviously there are academic and social skills addressed by attending JK and SK but those of you with children who will be 3 years of age starting JK may find the smaller class ratio of pre-schools and programs such as Kindermusik, more advantageous to your child’s needs. You are the one who knows best which program would fit your child.

Creating a balance
Perhaps the answer for your child is a daytime Kindermusik class, as opposed to an evening one. We wanted to make you aware that this is a viable and accepted option. Should you wish to discuss your child’s needs for the fall concerning Kindermusik, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher, or the office.

Fall Registration Coming Soon!
Information regarding registration for the Fall Semester of Kindermusik will be distributed to current families the week of April 21, and to new and returning families, May 20th. In the meantime, you can check out the fall line-up by visiting

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