School’s out soon – Make some musical moments!

1. Read Together There’s a strong connection between the skills required for reading books and reading music, and you can enhance both reading literacy and music literacy by reading with your child. It’s a great way to sneak in some calming snuggle time too! 2. Take a Listening Walk Listening is a huge part of […]

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How to find the right music teacher by Amber Morphy

Below is an article written by a Kindermusik mom, former Kindermusik teacher , and music instructor: Amber Morphy.  This may be of particular interest to our private students and Young Child course graduates: It is that time of year already. Time to think about what activities you/your child would like to participate in next year. […]

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Last month, The New York Times reported on new research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology involving the most musical of organs: the brain. Professors Nancy Kanwisher and Josh H. McDermott, and postdoc fellow Sam Norman-Haignere have proven that there are neural pathways dedicated to experiencing music – think a special HOV lane specifically reserved for musical […]

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