And… Relax

For some of you, this may be your first experience in a Kindermusik class, or maybe with any kind of structured activity for your child, or maybe it’s your child’s first experience in the next level of Kindermusik.

You may be thinking, “Oh no!  My child is (choose one)…

  • Roaming around the room
  • Crying when we put away instruments
  • Talking during story time
  • Refusing to join in any dances, etc., etc.

“What must the other parents be thinking?”

Relax!  It takes children a few weeks to get used to the routines and rituals in our class. All children learn differently and at different rates. What can you do to help this process?

  • Be a consistent role model during class. Your child will follow your lead.
  • If your little one is roaming, stay with him/her and continue playing instruments, singing, etc.  I only begin to get concerned if children are running, because I want everyone to stay safe.  Show your child how to move with “walking feet.”
  • If your child is crying or feeling overwhelmed, feel free to step out of the room for a minute or two until he or she is ready to return.

Keep playing the music at home, reading the books, and doing the activities outside of class. The more familiar and comfortable you both are with the material, the easier it will be to enjoy yourself and let go in class. Your child will model your level of participation. Think of PRESENCE, not performance. After all, it’s only when we are feeling secure and relaxed, that real learning begins to occur.

By the end of the school-year, you’ll be amazed at how much your little one has learned and how much fun you’ve had along the way!

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