A Kindermusik Maestro Top ProgramWe are in our 34th year helping grow happy families in the Golden Horseshoe!

Kindermusik of Cambridge was founded by Michelle Jacques in 1987, who built an award-winning program offering the full range of Kindermusik’s world-renowned curricula at 180 Sheldon Drive. Kindermusik of Cambridge has been recognized for exceptional service among the top 1% of over 5,000 in 70 countries.  Today, Kindermusik of Cambridge is owned and operated by Dylan Langan, owner and director of Queen Street Music.

This legacy is fueled by the basic understanding that children learn best when they can see it, hear it, touch it, and then express it in their own creative ways. Each week in class, a licensed Kindermusik educator will lead your family through research-proven and giggle-approved activities using music as the vehicle for learning. It’s not only a music program but a learning program which takes children and caregivers through ages 0-7 years old.

The learning continues throughout the week with the home materials, including music, storybooks, family activities, instruments, and more. Plus, we provide you with weekly parent education and resources, including developmental emails and in-class tips so that you know how each activity contributes to your child’s overall growth and development.

Only Kindermusik of Cambridge offers:

  • Highly-trained & caring teachers with over 100 years combined experience!
  • The widest variety of class times in the region
  • Located at Queen Street Music School, Cambridge
  • Monthly payment plans, sibling discounts

Specially-designed facility for optimal learning and enjoyment

Kindermusik Rates

$80/mt plus based on 36 lessons Sept-June Pro-rated to start date. Join anytime. Sublings 10% discount.

What Parents Are Saying

“Just wanted to let you know that I had tremendous support from your staff to help Brendan through a bit of a struggle adjusting to all the demands of being six and in Gr. 1. After battling through the first month of Kindermusik, much to my disappointment I was ready to give Brendan the choice to drop this off his plate. He truly enjoys Kindermusik but was so tired from adjusting to school all day, and all the other demands of life. With our Kindermusik teacher’s encouragement and your wonderful administrator, Brendan was moved into to a more suitable class time that very same day. Just another example of how wonderful you all are. I can’t thank-you enough for the gifts you have given us. Your programs create an opportunity for us to make memories with our families that will always be cherished. And we are all learning while we’re doing it.”

Patricia, mother of Brendan

“The studio combines everything I value for a kids program (quality curriculum, cleanliness, fun, concurrent programs for two kids). The studio we attend is very clean, attractive and well staffed. My daughters feel VERY comfortable there and so learn a great deal and have a lot of fun.”

Alison, mother of Evangeline and Anneliese

“Two things I love about Kindermusik of Cambridge – – the instructors and the size of the classes. It is beneficial to both my son and me to be in an intimate class. This way, he is not overwhelmed and is able to focus much better on the activities in class. In addition, we are better able to befriend other classmates throughout the semester. P.S. The rooms were in pristine shape – showed no signs of wear and always extremely tidy!”

Melissa, mother of Sebastian


Discounts & Special Programs

Here, at Kindermusik of Cambridge, we are fully dedicated to the ideal that music inspires the soul, empowers the child, and strengthens the family. Every child needs music. To this end, we offer the following discounts and special programs to make Kindermusik classes affordable for any budget.

Register any time!
Your fees begin when you do. In other words, you won’t be charged for classes that have occurred before you enrolled.

Repeat Benefits/Sibling Savings
If you have this year’s materials from a previous enrollment (ie for the Kindermusik for the Young Child curriculum), or if you are enrolling more than one child in the same curriculum, we will take $10 off your total monthly fees.

Financial Assistance:
For families needing financial assistance, Kids Can Play is an organization which may provide help. For more information visit their website at http://www.kidscanplay.ca. Families can download an application, and help with fundraising to ensure they can always be of assistance to Cambridge children. 

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