SINGING fosters the development of your child’s most important instrument, the voice, through vocal exploration, songs, and chants.

MOVING develops body awareness, coordination, and spatial relationships through synchronized movement, creative movement, and simple dances.

PLAYING introduces a variety of musical timbres with percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingle bells, drums, resonator bars, and simple instruments your child creates at home.

CREATING stimulates your child’s imagination and encourages new exploration with sound and movement.

PATTERNING boosts your child’s ability to think musically through the integration of basic rhythmic and tonal language.

LISTENING cultivates your child’s heightened attentiveness to sound discrimination.

EXPLORING timbre, dynamics, tempo, and pitch lays the foundation for conceptualization of the elements of music.

What parents are saying…

“This is not a shallow preschool activity – this is education based on real principles. The quality and the level of the teaching is more than I expected. It is wonderful! The atmosphere is so gentle and fun.”

“I recommend Kindermusik to my friends because of the quality of content of the program, excellent instructors, and the link between music, math, reading, motion, and spatial perceptions.”

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