7 Years of Kindermusik – We Have a Plan!

7 Years of Kindermusik…We have a plan!


Kindermusik is a 7 year research based program for your child’s Brain, Body, Heart, and Soul. Your child will explore, imagine, dance, sing, create, grow, love, and learn; contributing to all areas of development and wellness.

Kindermusik incorporates music and movement and helps make great parenting easier!

Progressing through the 7 year continuum, children exercise and develop their brains, senses, auditory, visual, and mechanical skills, while building a lifelong love of music, friendships, and strengthening relationship with their parent/caregiver.

What does this provide for babies through to school age children?   Community, Confidence, Creativity, Language, Physical Skills, Intelligence, Compassion, Self-Control, Focus like no other program! These things are what we all wish and want for our children.

Think about all the times through our lives that music has been with us in times of celebration, sadness, car trips, passing time, while alone, focusing on tasks, with others.  Music lives in our lives.

We can tell you more about it here but the best way to learn about Kindermusik is to experience it. Register for a Free Preview  here and learn why our families keep coming back!

Kindermusik Cambridge has a plan!




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