Music To Help Children Focus by Dr. Boyle

Parenting Playlist: Music To Help Children Focus

Sharing a creative idea from Kindermusik International and Dr Boyle.  Remember everyone’s favourite purple dinosaur? Perhaps not everyone’s favourite, but I bet you remember his Clean Up song!  Dr. Boyle used that song constantly with his two sons as they were growing up. It was magic. MAGIC!  No fussing, no arguing (most of the time!). As soon as he started singing, they started helping and toys were put away. Don’t be fooled friends – the real magic when Mary Poppins had the Banks children clean their room wasn’t a spoon full of sugar…it was a song about a spoon full of sugar!  So Dr. Boyle was thinking…why not have a playlist…a parenting playlist that helped a child mark the various parts of the day?  Read more details by clicking the link above.

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